Who are the kits for?

Anyone and everyone!
Our kits are intentionally designed to provide options for self care that support you throughout your day. They are especially beneficial for people dealing with: 

            • Stress
            • Anxiety
            • Depression
            • Grief
            • Bereavement
            • Insomnia
            • Pain
            • Gastrointestinal problems
            • Cold/flu and allergy symptoms
            • Respiratory support
            • Surgery
            • Cancer 
            • Long term care
            • Assisted living
            • Hospice
            • Palliative care

How do you use a care kit?

Aromatherapeutic care kits are travel sized and intended to be with you at all times.  Each kit is comprised of seven different products that have been thoughtfully chosen to offer comfort, anytime and anywhere. Products can be replenished and the kits restocked, so self care is always at your fingertips.

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Aromatherapy care kit