Comfort and Kindness offers therapeutic kits that are thoughtfully curated to support your overall health and wellness through self care. 

"I am a chronic pain sufferer and former Mayo Clinic patient. After going off all my pain meds it is hard to find alternatives to pain meds that you can truly benefit from. This product is the first!

My pain is still there but the relief I now feel gives me the strength to fight the rest of the day. I have benefited more from this kit then I have from 8 years of medication. Thank you for creating this gorgeous product and providing such relief."

- Customer Testimonial -

"Getting this in the mail was like a relief in itself. The Eucalyptus Mint candle smells amazing and the tea selections are just as incredible. Lights Out tea puts your lights out and the other variations I’ve used to relax during stressful work days. Can’t say enough good things."

- Customer Testimonial -

“We all have watched friends and family go through seemingly impossible situations, and there is often little that you can do or say to make it easier for them...the ease kit was one of the few things that seemed like it could genuinely "ease" my loved one's pain in her time of difficulty. I am grateful for such a thoughtfully put together product that can offer some small respite during rough times.”

- Customer Testimonial -

My Most Treasured Gift

- Featured in the Wylder Journal